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Transform How
You Hydrate

Welcome to water in its highest form. Hydor unlocks a brand-new level of cellular hydration — all backed by patented, property-changing science. It’s improved performance you’ll taste and feel.

This Is Cellular Hydration

Hydor cellular hydration water bottles in ice ready for consumption.

Boost It

After water is passed through conventional treatments, Hydor’s patented process restructures the water molecules, and infuses them back into the treated water. It’s highly purified, non-toxic, economical, and sustainable.

Person drinking a bottle of Hydor cellular hydration water to stay hydrated on a sunny day outdoors.

Drink It

Hydor water increases hydration, reduces water loss, and preserves cognition during prolonged exercise heat stress. The results are clear when there’s just one ingredient — water.

Person exploring the outdoors with a bottle of Hydor cellular hydration water in hand.

Live It

Hydor was created to transform the way you live — go further, recover faster, and experience more of life’s most memorable moments. Hydor your life.

A single Hydor cellular hydration water bottle.

It’s Just Water